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Pierson Publishing LLC provides high-quality, technical documentation creation and editing and web site design and development. I've been doing this type of work for twenty three years in a diverse mix of industries with projects ranging from nuclear magnetic resonance to photography instruction manuals to catalogs, user guides and reference manuals on CD-ROM.

I began my career in the petroleum industry as a research geologist developing products and processes for materials testing. I wrote my reports and processes so well, I was assigned the task of writing everyone's reports - then manuals and so forth. (note: this was before the days of the first mass-marketed desktop PCs.) The path blossomed from there. I got in on the ground floor using PCs to write documentation in 1980 using the old pre-cursors of DOS. I am versant in the sciences and engineering disciplines (ISO-9001) and have considerable experience in sales and marketing. I also have eight years of assembler and structured programming experience.

Industry involvement and experience include petrochemical (geography/GIS, geology, chemistry), healthcare (blood transfusion diagnostics, medical imaging) forestry (botany, public relations, web development) , ISO-9001 (standards manual, auditors training), photography (infrared/UV fluorescence imaging, scientific photography), environmental (deep-well injection, aquifer infiltration), telecommunications (user guides, high-tech network design documentation development, internet/intranet web development and design). I am also a published author of historical research.

Doug G Pierson, President and Owner of Pierson Publishing LLC

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